Arun Rai
Regents' Professor and Harkins Chair
Co-Founder Center for Process Innovation
Computer Information Systems,
J. Mack Robinson College of Business,
Georgia State University,
PO BOX 5029
Atlanta, GA 30302-5029
Phone: +1(404)413-7857
Fax: Fax: +1(404) 413-7867
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Selected Recent Publications
  • Rai, A., and Tang, X., Leveraging IT Capabilities and Competitive Process Capabilities for Interorganizational Relationship Portfolio Management, Information Systems Research,(3), September 2010, 21 (3), 516-542. Featured inThe Economist.

  • Tanriverdi, H., Rai, A., and Venkatraman, N., Reframing the Dominant Quests of Information Systems Strategy Research for Complex Adaptive Business Systems, Information Systems Research , 21(4), December 2010, 822-834.

  • Hsieh, P., Rai, A., and Xu, X., Extracting Business Value from IT: A Sensemaking Perspective of Post-Adoptive Use, Management Science, November 2011, 57(11), 2018-2039.

  • Hsieh, Po-An J.J., Rai, A., Petter, S.C., and Zhang, Ting, Impact of Mandated CRM Use on Employee Service Quality, MIS Quarterly, 2012, 36 (4), 1065-1080.

  • Rai, A., Pavlou, P., Im, G., and Du, S., Inter-firm IT Capabilities and Communications for Co-creating Relational Value: Evidence from the Logistics Industry, MIS Quarterly,  2012, 36(1), 233-262.

  • Li, X., Hsieh, Po-An J.J, and Rai, A., Motivational Differences across Post-Acceptance IS Usage Behaviors: An Investigation in the Business Intelligence Systems Context, Information Systems Research, September 2013, 24(3), 659-682.

  • Becker, J-M., Rai, A., Voleckner, F., and Ringle, C., Discovering Unobserved Heterogeneity in Structural Equation Models, MIS Quarterly, September 2013, 37(3), 665-694.

  • Rai, A., and Hornyak, R., The Impact of Sourcing Enterprise System Use and Work Process Context on Sourcing Professional Job Outcomes, Journal of Operations Management, 31 (6) 2013, 474-488

  • Rai, A., and Tang, X., IT-enabled Business Models: A Conceptual Framework and A Coevolution Perspective for Future Research, Information Systems Research, 2014, 25 (1), 1-14.

  • Im, G. and Rai, A., IT-Enabled Coordination for Ambidextrous Interorganizational Relationships, Information Systems Research, 2014, 25(1), 72-92.

  • Tang. X., and Rai, A., How Should Process Capabilities Be Combined to Leverage Suppliers Competitively? European Journal of Operations Research, in press.

  • Rai, A., Arikan, I., Pye, J., and Tiwana, A., (Mis)fit of Plural Sourcing Strategies and IT-enabled Process Integration Capabilities: Consequences for Firm Performance in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry, MIS Quarterly, in press.


Arun Rai is Regents’ Professor and Harkins Chair in Information Systems at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He has held visiting appointments at universities in Germany, France, Hong Kong, and Australia. His expertise is in IT-enabled innovation, business value, and governance of interorganizational relationships. He co-founded the Robinson College of Business’ Center for Process Innovation and in 2006 was appointed Regents’ Professor of the University System of Georgia for outstanding contributions in research, teaching and service, He was named a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems in 2010 for outstanding contributions in research, teaching and service to the Information Systems discipline and received the INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Distinguished Fellow Award in 2014 for outstanding intellectual contributions to the Information Systems discipline.