Dr. Arun Rai
Dr. Arun Rai

Current Projects

Dr. Rai's recent projects are in two areas:

  • Digital innovation to create business value

    Arun’s research examines how firms can strategically manage IT to: orchestrate supply chains and business models; develop IT solutions using effective sourcing and partnering; accelerate digital innovation of products, services and processes; and create business value.

  • Digital innovation to address societal problems

    Arun’s research investigates how cost-effective IT interventions in social systems can alleviate poverty and address the health divide by improving healthcare access, health behaviors, and health outcomes of the socio-economically disadvantaged.

Recent updates

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Arun Rai is Regents' Professor in Information Systems at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and holds the J. Mack Robinson Chair of IT-Enabled Process Innovation and Supply Chains and the Harkins Chair of Information Systems.. He has also held visiting appointments at universities in Germany, France, Hong Kong, and Australia. Aruns' expertise is in IT-enabled innovation and business value, and IT-enabled governance of inter-organizational relationships. He co-founded the Robinson College of Business Center for Process Innovation, an interdisciplinary research center that also promotes industry-university partnerships on research. He was appointed Regents' Professor in 2006 by the Board of Regents' of the University System of Georgia for outstanding contributions in research, teaching and service, and has received J. Mack Robinson College of Business Faculty Recognition Awards for both Outstanding Teaching and Distinguished Contributions in Research. He was named a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems in 2010 for outstanding contributions in research, teaching and service to the Information Systems discipline and received the INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Distinguished Fellow Award in 2014 for outstanding intellectual contributions to the Information Systems discipline.

Arun has published 100+ articles in leading scholarly journals in Information Systems (e.g., Management Science, MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research), Operations Management (e.g., Journal of Operations Management ), and Healthcare (e.g., Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association ), as well as in leading practitioner journals (e.g., Communications of the ACM, IEEE Computer and MIS Quarterly Executive). He is ranked among the top scholars for publications in the Information Systems discipline's top journals (e.g.,-- 3rd in 2010-2014, 5th in 2005-2014, and 6th in 2000-2014 for publications in MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research ).

Arun is the Editor-in-Chief designate for the MIS Quarterly and will assume the role of Editor-in-Chief on January 1, 2016. He has served, or serves, as Senior Editor for Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, and Journal of Strategic Information Systems and as Associate Editor for several journals (e.g., Journal of Management Information Systems, Management Science, Decision Sciences, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly and Journal of the Association for Information Systems ). He also co-guest edited a Special Issue of Information Systems Research on the Digitally Enabled Extended Enterprise.... Biography and CV

Recent Selected Publication

  • Venkatesh, V., Rai, A., Sykes, T., and Aljafari, R., Combatting Infant Mortality in Rural India: Evidence From a Field Study of e-Health Kiosk Implementations, MIS Quarterly, in press.
  • Rai, A., Arikan, I., Pye, J. and Tiwana, A., Fit and Misfit of Plural Sourcing Strategies and IT-enabled Process Integration Capabilities: Consequences for Firm Performance in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry, MIS Quarterly, in press.
  • Im, G. and Rai, A., IT-Enabled Coordination for Ambidextrous Interorganizational Relationships, Information Systems Research, 2014, 25(1), 72-92.
  • Rai, A., and Tang, X., IT-enabled Business Models: A Conceptual Framework and A Coevolution Perspective for Future Research, Information Systems Research, 2014. 25(1), 1-14. Lead Article
  • Becker, J-M., Rai, A., Voleckner, F., and Ringle, C., Discovering Unobserved Heterogeneity in Structural Equation Models, MIS Quarterly, September 2013, 37(3), 665-694.
  • Hsieh, Po-An J.J., Rai, A., Petter, S.C., and Zhang, Ting, Impact of User Satisfaction with Mandated CRM Use on Employee Service Quality, MIS Quarterly, 2012, 36 (4), 1065-1080
  • Rai, A., Pavlou, P., Im, G., and Du. S., Inter-firm IT Capabilities and Communications for Co-Creating Relational Value: Evidence from the Logistics Industry, MIS Quarterly, 2012, 36(1), 233-262.
  • Hsieh, Po-An J.J, Rai, A., and Xu, S., Extracting Business Value from IT: A Sensemaking Perspective of Post-Adoptive Use, Management Science, November 2011, 57 (11), 2018- 2039.
  • Hsieh, Po-An J.J., Rai, A., and Keil, M., Addressing Digital Inequality through Government Initiatives: Forms of Capital that Affect ICT Utilization, Information Systems Research, Vol. 22, No. 2, June 2011, pp. 233-253. Best Published Paper in the Information Systems Discipline for 2011, Awarded by the Organizational Communication and Information Systems Division of the Academy of Management.
  • Tanriverdi, H., Rai, A., and Venkatraman, N., Reframing the Dominant Quests of Information Systems Strategy Research for Complex Adaptive Business Systems, Information Systems Research, Vol. 21, No. 4, December 2010, pp. 822-834.
  • Rai, A., and Tang, X., Leveraging IT Capabilities and Competitive Process Capabilities for IR Portfolio Management, Information Systems Research, Special Issue on Digital Systems and Competitive Dynamics, 21 (3), September 2010, 516-542. (Featured in the Economist.)
  • Klein, R. and Rai, A., Inter-Firm Strategic Information Flows in Supply Chain Logistics Relationships, MIS Quarterly, December 2009, 735-762.
  • Rai, A., Maruping, L., and Venkatesh, V., Offshore Information Systems Project Success: The Role of Social Embeddedness and Cultural Characteristics, MIS Quarterly, 33 (3), 2009, 617-641.
  • Im, G., and Rai, A., Knowledge Sharing Ambidexterity in Long-term Inter-organizational Relationships, Management Science, 54 (7), 2008, 1281-1296.

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